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In George Lucas’s epic saga “Star Wars”, and more particularly in Episode IV, “The Empire Strikes Back”, much emphasis on training the mind is made, a Yoda would say.

Training begins in the mind. When you wake up, and make your breakfast choice. When you leave the house with your work briefcase and your gym bag. When you step into the gym.
What about AT the gym?
You brought your A-game, your discipline, you’ve made the time and now time for the effort.
Remember what Yoda said when Luke said he’d “try”? Don’t try, do. Or Don’t. But don’t try.
Trying is leaving things to chance. Trying is working without a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! A carefully crafted training program, along with a dietary plan WILL yield results. Don’t go about training haphazardly doing this and that for a few weeks and then deciding it doesn’t work.
Assess your weaknesses and address them first. Don’t paint a dirty car, as I once heard.
Then, persist.
You can’t possibly see results at “reality TV show speed” where losing a few pounds is considered failure. When contestants’ job is to workout all day supervised by a team of experts, it’s easy. But you have a job and responsibilities.
So, stop trying and start doing!

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