Read actual testimonials from my clients who come from all walks of life and whose lifestyles have changed for the better, each with his/her individually tailored programs, constantly changing to keep their bodies finely tuned, their performance in their respective daily activities improved and the general health benefits that extend beyond any physical rewards they earned (and did they ever!).


“In my experience working with Philippe, I benefited greatly from his ability to thoroughly assess my movement abilities and then provide rapidly-effective correctives, as well as his patient and thorough educational style that helped me understand where I would best focus my training efforts next, given my specific long-term performance goals (which he took the time to understand!).

I walked away with a meaningful learning experience, and shoulders, hips, and trunk that moved better to a measurable degree. To get us there, Philippe led me through an engaging training session while talking me through a play-by-play of movement fundamentals. It was a whole-body lesson of how to move better for today AND how to approach training for long-term development, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better NOW, and also truly understand what it takes to structure a long-term training regimen that respects balanced development of the whole body so that we have fewer blind spots as lifelong movers/athletes, and what to do when new problems inevitably show up.

Philippe rocks 🙂

“I recently had the opportunity to bring Philippe Til on to an extended commercial production. The project featured several notable, elite-level pro athletes and we needed them to show off their capabilities at performing cutting-edge exercises. Philippe’s role in the production was to work on-location directly with the athletes, developing the right exercises that would simultaneously be safe, modern, authentic to the sport, and attractive for the camera. With very little time to prepare, Philippe was able to research each athlete – body type, injuries, exercise needs, and so on. In some instances he had to improvise exercises in the moment using only the materials around him. In every case, Philippe was able to provide an excellent solution that fit within the parameters of what we needed to accomplish.

Based on my experience with him as a director, I can confidently say that Philippe is not only knowledgeable about his work, but he his energetic, enthusiastic, innovative and kind. He has a knack for analyzing the individual. I would absolutely recommend him as a trainer or fitness consultant..

“Over the last 30 years in Los Angeles, I’ve tried many different workouts from Pilates to PowerPlate to Pineapple to Power Yoga. I’ve done conventional weight-lifting, CrossFit, TRX, and Vert. I’ve worked with a lot of personal trainers in many different training environments from corporate gyms to small facilities. Philippe Til is one of the stand-outs.


Knowledge — He understands the body and how it moves.

Patience — He’s there to support. If you don’t get the movement, he’ll offer another explanation, another example, another cue until you do get the movement.

Variation — It’s never the same workout because he’s assessing and reassessing your physical state and condition, modifying the training depending upon what he discovers.

Motivation — In his clear calm way, he keeps you focused. He encourages while pushing you to exceed your perceived limits.

Initially I went to Philippe for kettle bell instruction. I have flexibility issues (too much time sitting in front of a computer), and structural issues (bad knees, iffy back). Philippe was able to tailor training to my needs and limitations. He taught me all 6 basic kettle bell exercises which I use when I’m not with him.

Our sessions have expanded to include the SmartFlex, his invention, which has had excellent positive effects. My chest and shoulder area has opened up dramatically which has improved not only the kettle bell training, but life in general.

“I have trained with Mr. Til many times over the past 15 years. As a law enforcement officer and security professional, I frequently utilize the training I received from Mr. Til to guide my actions in difficult circumstances. Mr. Til’s training not only taught me the effective martial arts and self-defense skills that I have come to rely on in a fight, but also the discernment to know when certain skills should or should not be used. His training allows me to utilize anything in my immediate environment: a pen; a chair; even a book or pile of papers, to assist me in defending myself. I highly recommend anyone who could find themselves in a compromised position, no matter their profession, train with Mr. Til. His training could very easily be the difference in a lif-or-death situation.

Lauritz Austensen, Federal Agent

“When I first started training with Philippe I loved to “workout” but I didn’t grasp a lot of the concepts behind proper training and lifting. In the time that we worked together not only did I PR in my major lifts but I also learned proper technique and form. He also changed the way I approach training. This approach helped me in the long run to become stronger and achieve more. In addition to that he helped me successfully prepare and pass my Strong First Certification which was a huge goal of mine. With Philippe’s help and guidance I achieved more than I ever thought I could which gave me the confidence to go further.

I can honestly say Philippe is one of the best trainers out there. He not only helped me attain all of my goals and then some but he gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to go further. He is one of those trainers that listens to the client and cares about their goals and needs. I felt that he was there for me in every way and absolutely went above and beyond to help me attain all of my goals. He also is incredibly knowledgeable in so many different areas and I learned something new each and every time we trained. He is absolutely the best.

Chrysta Hiser, Fitness Trainer

“Philippe has a terrific sense of how to incorporate the everyday tools around us in any type of self-defense situation.  With a background in traditional martial arts as well as some of the more unorthodox combative systems, he brings the best of both worlds to his instructional technique.

His students learn not only how to defend themselves using the normal tools of their daily lives, but also how to develop the situational awareness to avoid the potential altercations before they even happen.

Seth Avergon, Avergon Marketing Group

“Philippe attended our Wildfitness coaches’ training and was an awesome addition to the group. He took on board our training on how to live, eat and train in the way wild humans should and was articulate, genuine and passionate. Philippe […] is a source of information and energy – much recommended dude!

“I had the opportunity to work with Philippe at a closed session HKC for Law Enforcement. I have been a police officer for over 20 years now and have seen trainers come and go with lots of new and creative ideas on helping us Cops get in or stay in shape. It was awesome to watch Philippe do something different. He worked with the instructor trainee’s from start time to end time on fining tuning the basics. His focus and understanding on what police officers needed in their training programs to carryover to duty was refreshing. I’m glad to see that the RKC and Philippe or out there training my brothers in blue. If you’re a police officer and you are near Philippe I would highly recommend training with him.”

Joey Williams RKC, UCPD Special Response Unit

“When I had the amazing opportunity to train with Philippe I couldn’t pass it up, and to date it has been the best decision I’ve made. He will make you a better person. End of story.

Over the sessions he has tweaked my form, helped me build functional muscle and keep me dedicated. Even through uncertain times he’s coached me with inspirational anecdotes, advice and unsurpassed enthusiasm.

I am eternally grateful for everything he has taught me about training and myself. Without him I never would have taken the HKC certification.

Thank you, Philippe. Thank you for making me a better man, for opening the doors to the RKC community and inspiring me to become involved, here’s to the future!”

Michael Morse,

“Philippe has been my personal trainer for under a year and I have already seen great results so far. He has put me through single-arm and double-arm kettlebell stacks to improve my strength & conditioning which I will need for any of my upcoming races. He is having me go through double-arm kettlebell complexes two or three times a week to make me less scrawny and more brawny.

His nutritional suggestions and advice have helped me trim the body fat in my personal Battle of the Bulge. I have won more battles than lost thanks to Philippe’s well-rounded knowledge. I can see the positive results in the mirror.

Vanity aside, Philippe pays attention to technique and does not hesitate to correct my form. He makes sure that I perform the workout safely and to my ability. He gave me helpful cues and tips to get me to do kettlebell snatches correctly and efficiently.

Thanks Philippe for not making my workouts boring like at a 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness gym. You keep it interesting with sandbag and battle rope training. I look forward to what else you have in store for my workouts in future months.”

Scott Louie, Web Developer

“I came to Philippe knowing barely anything about kettlebells. After 3 months I was getting complements on my kettlebell form from other personal trainers at my local gym. Philippe is an all around professional who truly cares about his craft and his students’ results. I can’t recommend him enough!

“Philippe is definitely the best trainer I have worked with and after only working out with him for a relatively short period of time, I’ve already noticed results. Hey, I’m married to him and even though it’s hard to take orders from my husband, I’ll follow what he says because he knows what he’s talking about. He cares deeply about his clients and is totally dedicated to helping them reach their goals. It’s great to see someone who completely loves their job and is passionate about what they do!”

Noelle Hettlinger, Realtor

“Philippe has a great attitude and funny sense of humor. As a trainer he helped me achieve my fitness goals. I entered a fitness challenge back in May 2010 and in 16 weeks I lost a total of 27lbs, 13% body fat loss, 25 lbs of fat, 6 in waist, 6 in hips, 3 in thighs. If your looking to get fit I highly recommend his services.”

Ryan Urmeneta,, Logistics Professional

“Most trainers I’ve seen were fatter or slower than me. Philippe moved with ease and grace suggestive of strength and flexibility not bloated muscle mass and a host of old injuries. During the first kettle bell class I took, I spent some time trying to read his dynamics and decide which martial arts was he in, because it was no doubt that he did some. I was later proven right on martial arts count and then some. I learned to respect his approach to fitness which emphasized functional strength and injury resistance. Something we all could use a little more of.

Most trainers I’ve seen didn’t tell me anything new or were downright wrong and outdated. Philippe’s background brings allows him answer trickiest questions pertaining to his craft with ease and in a format that won’t put you to sleep. I was particularly pleased to learn that he is NASM certified; it’s always good to be trained by somebody who understands anatomical feasibility of your body and is able to push you through your own limits and yet keep you away from injuries.

Most trainers I’ve seen are stuck in the same old rut that harks back to Arnold time. Philippe updates his skillset practically no-stop. Only during the time I’ve known him, I’ve seen him going to conferences and seminars aimed to enhance his ability to successfully train people. He keeps his blog interesting by adding posts about everything pertaining to your training from nutrition to meditation, and yet he won’t overwhelm you in a conversation with all that wealth of knowledge just so he sounds like he knows what he is doing. I love the fact that you can ask him any question about kinesiology, nutrition, trauma prevention etc. and there won’t be an area of fitness-related knowledge he is not versed in. Once you find a trainer who knows more about YOUR existing conditions and traumatic propensities, hold on to him – it’s a rarity.

Most trainers I’ve seen would put you on a Bosu ball and a bunch of machines. Philippe won’t sit you on a machine under a gunpoint. It is a welcome relief to meet somebody who is stubbornly adherent to free weights and ballistic exercises in this age of 5 lbs. dumbbells and deadlifts with a bare bar. It is a relief to have somebody who will push your lifting PRs AND will teach you how to run barefoot properly.

Most trainers I’ve seen won’t deal with you unless you buy a package. Philippe is amazing in understanding your needs and not pushing things onto you. The program he designed for me is holistic and through: from lifiting regiment to nutrition to suggested reads. And most importantly, he lives by his own rules. He helps people build leaner, stronger, more resilient bodies and spirits. Suffice it to say that since I took his first kettle bell class we’ve ran a Spartan Race and Warrior Dash, ate Shack burgers and drove from IE back to LA wearing furry Viking helmets. If you’re looking for a trainer who is not only instructive and knowledgeable but also honest, fun-loving, and youthful at heart, you will find him in Philippe.”

Sergei Belokonnyi,