Apples and Oranges

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The great Jack Lalanne died yesterday, Sunday January 23, 2011 at the ripe age of 96. I say ripe, yet he was a lot more youthful than some people half his age. He accomplished feats of strength such as 1033 push-ups in 23 minutes, swam shackled from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf, all of which when he was on the wrong side of 40.

He made a resolution at 15 to no longer eat junk food after attending a lecture from nutritionist Paul Bragg. He went on to inspire millions of American households to become healthy. He invented cable pulley systems and other fitness devices, never ate any refined sugars and kept going till pneumonia got the best of him. He was quoted saying “I can’t afford to die. It’d wreck my image”. Jack, you lived and you lived several lifetimes. I can only hope to ever inspire 1% of the people you inspired! You were a great man!

Jack never stopped his pursuit of fitness. I believe, like many good coaches do (and should) that we never stop learning. Constant reevaluation of your knowledge and skills, questioning, discarding, adapting and researching are notions I factor in to training my clients, as should people seeking a trainer. When cost becomes the only factor to find a personal trainer, you are shortchanging yourself on the most important investment in your life!

You don’t have to start eating healthy at 15. But if you’re not currently doing so, start now! You may even live past 96, and we’re talking a good 96! You will need more than an apple a day! As for oranges, ever wonder why getting a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice seems so darn expensive at a fancy brunch or at a farmers’ market? I always kinda, sorta got it, and shame on me for taking so long since I preach a similar gospel to prospective clients, but today, when I decided to squeeze some fresh, seasonal, delicious blood oranges, I went through half a bag for a couple of glasses for me and my wife!

It takes a lot of oranges to make a glass of juice, a glass filled with fresh, unadulterated vitamins and other nutrients that will keep your immune system strong and your muscles more efficient at repairing themselves. A trainer owes it to his clients to always deliver the best, most up to date findings and research on effective training, even if it means going back to something basic and time tested. Just like an orange vs a space age glass of Tang!

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