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Here it is, folks!

After hours, weeks and days of translation work, practical application, field testing on myself, peers and clients, the release of the first book of The Natural Method trilogy is here for you to download for the whopping price of $1.99! A bargain basement price if you consider the cost of the original work and the slowly climbing prices of vintage fitness books.

Just like with any method or system, it is important to understand it, assimilate it and even at times question it before going out and teaching it. I invite all readers to do so first by digesting the information and even apply existing knowledge to it. After all, while the exercises themselves are not new, be it for familiarity of execution and alternative warm-up drills (all of which will be covered in the second book due in January 2015), the layout, organization, sequence of training and intensity management of exercises outlined in this first installment are of benefit to all in the fitness industry.

Group ex, one-on-one, novice to expert, scoring and measuring tools, it’s all here today, courtesy of one of the pillars of our fitness History.

Get it now for less than a trip to your local name brand java joint!


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