Baby training is indeed spot on!

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If I’ve put you through the series of moves babies perform when they start to grow, you’ll be happy to know it ain’t a lie!

Everything I ever teach and put people through comes with a stamp of approval and first-hand experience. Like a true ninja, I take what’s best and most effective and tailor it to fitness. The series of moves I learned from Matt Walker, a coach for Wildfitness, then later on expanded to suit a more personalized style, is being proven to me by my week-old son Fletcher. A preemie he is, but that just means he’s in a rush to go places (like home after a week for Easter).

I tried some kangaroo care with him yesterday (skin on skin bonding and hormonal development benefits), not thinking he might be hungry an hour after his previous feeding. The kid was so hungry he was going to crawl and claw his way to some food (almost my own nipple. That would have been funny, though).

On a slightly more serious note, his strength amazed me. He moved his neck and chest up from me, pushed so hard with his arms I felt his sharp little nails dig into me. He even pushed himself almost away from me with his curled up little legs, till he spread out in Spiderman fashion and looked around.

It’s true that we don’t know how strong we can be, and we tend to inhibit that strength over time.

In a few months, around or before Summer, I’ll be setting up a workshop with another gentleman who is truly in touch with his body and knows how to use biofeedback to accomplish virtually limitless feats of strength, constantly breaking personal records. His name is Adam Glass. Check out his blog HERE and see for yourself how you can regain your full strength potential, no matter your goal or present ability.

And next time someone calls you a baby, it means you’re strong, pure, flexible and a tad uncoordinated. Like being called a dog, it’s not bad (loyal, friendly, loving and protecting), though I suspect no one will ever call you a baby after Adam Glass’ workshop!

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