Philippe Til of Action-FitnessPersonal trainer and fitness entrepreneur (inventor of the SmartFlex™), draws his approach from a lifetime of experience and education across continents in time-tested methodologies and systems.

Philippe’s credentials include NASM (as an item writer, content reviewer and subject matter expert), certification in Pavel Tsatsouline’s kettlebell strength system Strongfirst™ (formerly with RKC™), primitive movement patterns and Pose method of running through Wildfitness in the UK, Indian Club certified under Dr Ed Thomas and Brett Jones, FMS certified and two-time black belt holder (Ninjutsu, Shotokan).

This blend of fitness ingredients allowed him to create his unique training style, named FAST (after the four pillars of fitness Flexibility, Agility, Strength, Tone) where skill, movement quality, prevention and focus on no wasted movements guarantees results for his clients at an accelerated rate.

Currently, Philippe is focusing on his writing by translating into English and adapting French fitness History books from pioneers such as Georges Hébert. He is teaming up with other like-minded peers to promote better movement quality in fitness, as well as authoring original content geared at unique aspects of fitness: from NLP or self-motivation to simplified programming, as well as decluttering and debunking myths masked by confusing marketing tactics, Philippe is looking to share all his experience and acquired knowledge on a wide scale.

On the personal side, Philippe enjoys activities like surfing, snowboarding, motorcycle and horseback riding, and is a devoted husband and father of two young boys.

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