Book Two is here!

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The Natural Method: Fundamental Exercises

The second installment of The Natural Method: Fundamental Exercises is here available to download!

With proof of purchase, I will also send you 6 lesson plans (and the pdf of the book if you wish), done-for-you training sessions where the order and configurations of the book’s laundry list of exercises is already planned into 6 out of 7 sections. The 6th section will be your individual program (I’ll be happy to design it for you for a fee 🙂 )

You of course can read a bit more about the book’s content by visiting this page on my web site, not just the amazon link.

The major upper body exercises, lower body exercises, trunk and core exercises, as well as breathing and more are all outlined in detail in this training guide.

A must-read for less than a cup of java at a major coffee chain, whether you are a personal trainer, group instructor, pro team coach or just a fitness enthusiast, this will help you rediscover true joy of movement, a birthright of yours many have lost over time.

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