Bouncing Back From Cancer Treatment With Fitness

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Here’s a post from David Haas, a Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Guess Blogger, who was kind enough to share and give us the privilege to give those battling cancer great tips to keep up the fight!

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer, such as mesothelioma or another type of life threatening disease, can be an extremely difficult and emotional time in your life. Once you’ve had time to speak with your medical team about the best course of treatment for you, it seems that everything in life suddenly becomes about the treatment. However, taking care of yourself physically and mentally by moving your body can effectively contribute toward your well-being. A recent study conducted at Penn State University states that fitness during and after cancer treatment could provide you with benefits that affect you mentally and physically. Use these tips and suggestions to help you easily incorporate exercise into your day.

Walk a Little Further

When you’re just not up to any formal method of exercising you can still get some activity in by walking. Park a little farther away at the grocery store, or walk down the street to run local errands. Over the course of the day, this kind of activity can add up and give yourself a workout that is easier than heading to the gym and walking on a treadmill.

Bike Indoors

If outdoor activity is out of the question due to a weak immune system, set up a stationary bicycle near a large picture window or in front of the television. Enjoy the view as you bike and allow your mind to wander. You heart rate will increase without you even really having to break a serious sweat; however, the rewards of keeping your body in motion are way more beneficial for your body than remaining sedentary.

Make it Fun

Physical fitness activities should never feel like drudgery. Make your fitness time enjoyable by picking an activity you truly enjoy. Use a mini trampoline to jump or jog indoors. Pop in an old favorite exercise DVD and get into it with having fun. Play an active game on your Wii or PlayStation if you choose to remain indoors. When exercise is enjoyable you’re more likely to want to do it daily.

Exercise as a Social Activity

Ask friends, children or your partner to commit to exercising with you. The social activity is great for your mind and soul, and exercising together can be a fun and effective way to bond. Exercise outdoors or take a class together at your local fitness center.

Include Your Mind

Exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi can help to calm your mind and relieve stress. These slower, more calculated forms of exercise might provide you with a mind-body connection that helps strengthen the body while relaxing the mind. Even 10 minutes each day of yoga can prepare you for a more positive day.
Keep in mind also that any form of resistance training, be it power lifting or kettlebell training also have slower, controlled total body movements that help you strengthen the body, boost your immune system and increase joint mobility. The RKC school of strength training differentiates drills between ballistics (fast, explosive) and grinds (slower, controlled lifts). The Turkish Get-Up is a prime and perfect example of strength, elegance, flexibility and mobility all at once, like Yoga but with a load.

The benefits received from physical activity help increase your energy, elevate your mood and enable you to fight cancer. Enlist the help and support of family members and friends so you can enjoy time together while taking care of your body, as well as your mental health. Although doctors once told cancer patients to rest and take it easy, the enormous benefits of physical activity now make it clear that fitness can be an important tool to promote your well-being.

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