Dennis Hopper Double Standard

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Not all of you know, but I was raised in a family of artists. My father is a concert pianist and my mom has been exhibiting paintings worldwide (she has a show currently you may have been informed about through my newsletter. Subscribe to it for workshops and other announcements/promos/specials).

Anyway, when my brother came to LA with his wife for their honeymoon, we also got to hang out and one of the things we went to see was Dennis Hopper’s display or artwork at the MOCA downtown LA, near Little Tokyo.

I urge all of you to go see his show, Double Standard, which he helped curate but never got to see because of his passing on May 29, 2010.

The picture to which the title of the Dennis Hopper show owes its name.

Dennis Hopper is a staple of Los Angeles. He is known for his quirky roles, but he represents Venice at its best. One of the true ambassadors for this unconventional, non-generic part of Los Angeles, his work spans LA in the 60’s, with photographs of his contemporaries in the arts (Andy Warhol, Bill Cosby) as well as other influences such as his political involvement or his affinity for the biker culture (seen on film in Easy Rider).
The show ends Sunday, September 26.

Go see it! Click HERE for info.

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