Dirty Dozen Tactical Fitness Challenge

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“Are you tactically fit?” is a recently popular question.

Crossfit games, “invented by a former Navy SEAL”, there is a stamp of authentication (not as much of an endorsement abroad, by the way, only the USA in my experience demonstrates this level of pride for their military and are thankful for it, at least in democracies).

What does this Dirty Dozen Tactical Fitness Challenge mean? It’s a combination of all-around athletic performance drills ranging from strength, swimming, agility and speed.

I used a site that appealed to me from explaining what it is, to providing the scorecard to assess my “tactical fitness”. Click HERE.

Comparing it to the scorecard from Georges Hébert, it’s a different set of standards, where throwing,climbing, fighting have more importance, whereas I speculate that marksmanship, weapon handling or fighting might be part of the military’s specialized training, thus only covering fitness per se, conditioning.

Tactical Fitness Challenge Test Scorecard:

Exercise Pass /​ Fail Criteria
4 mile ruck (50lbs) 1 hour maximum time
25# Pullups max reps 2 – 10 reps
Bench press (bodyweight) Pass or fail 1 rep:  5 reps — 15 reps for extra points
Dead Lift (1.5x bodyweight) Pass or fail — 1 rep
(2–5 reps for extra pts)
Fireman Carry (P/​F) 100yds of equal bodyweight
400m sprint 60–80 seconds
Shuttle run 300yds 60–80 seconds
Plank pose (P/​F) 1 minute minimum /​ 5 min max
3 mile run (P/​F) 18 minutes to 23 minutes for extra points
IL Agility Test <15 secs to >19 sec
Swim – can you swim?
Yes /​ no
Swim 500m timed 6 minutes – 11 minutes
Swim – Buddy Tow Pass/​fail – 25m rescue swim



Now, I only did a portion of the tests today, not being able to logistically go to a swimming pool, carry a buddy for the fireman carry, or time to do the rucking, so I will split things up to test things (normally to be done in 2 sessions max, arranged however you wish), but here goes, half-dozen:

Bench Press 15xBW (175lb)= 10pts/max.
10x25lb pull-ups =10 PT’s/max.
5×1.5BW (265lb) DL=10 PT’s/max.
70sec 1/4 sprint 5pts.
Plank 3 min 3pts (didn’t push, failed at being more resilient, got bored more than tired).
Illinois agility test 17 seconds 3pts.
What’s cool for me is that I have done absolutely NOTHING specific to prepare for this other than following the all-around athleticism system Hébert advocates. At 41 years old, with injuries and less than optimal general recovery, I am pretty pleased at having nearly maxed on all the strength requirements, and done pretty well on the others. I am not, after all, a spec ops 20 or 30 something 🙂

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