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Through a recent mutual friend, I was introduced to Greg Nigro, VP of Vicore fitness and his line of products. There is a strong relationship between core activation and stabilization in all aspects of training.

“Smart muscle is when your bodies moves and functions the way it was designed, which means your muscles are working together more effectively” – Greg Nigro

Stabilization, agility, coordinate all simultaneously improve when properly activated.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blogs and read up on the Natural Method books, you know I am a purist, a traditionalist and I like things simple. The entire line of Vicore benches provides a very simple element with modern upgrades. Just because I like ancient, tried and true methods doesn’t mean I reject new things. The SmartFlex™ is a new device incorporating many ancient exercise devices. Vicore products help promote reactive stabilization in the core musculature by simply using them as a traditional bench, so the only learning curve is your body adjusting to its surface (for the better). The rest is done-for-you muscular activation (and you know how much I like that!)

But the benefits do not end there, and here’s where the tech upgrades come into place: from an investment standpoint, not only is it a more comfortable surface to train on than a standard bench, its materials are much more durable than any other bench upholstery. Gyms spend fortunes yearly on changing the upholstery because of tears. With Vicore benches, not only do they offer an unparalleled warranty, owners usually don’t need to cash on those chips since the inflatable surface doesn’t wear out quickly!

So, check them out HERE! Important to know: I am not a paid endorser and I simply am looking at spreading the word for this great brand, with the integrity of a trainer.


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