F.A.S.T. Pillar #3: Strength

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Is there anyone out there whose goal is to get weaker?

I didn’t think so. Although fear, misinformation and the perpetration of it ends up contributing to people training too hard or not hard enough, resulting in weakness through either process.

I don’t want to nag yet again about the notion that building strength doesn’t automatically result in “getting big”, which many ladies are afraid of. I’m not going to tell you that it takes a lot of volume, rest, caloric intake and proper planning to just get big by lifting heavy. Wait, I just did. OK, you got me. But if you want to truly read about that, check this blog out by Master RKC Geoff Neupert. That’s just one of many, many experts out there who like me, understands that building muscle and lifting heavy contribute greatly to increased fat loss and elevation of resting metabolic rate. Not only that, but lifting heavy forces you to use better form and you end up moving better. You will even save time at the gym with shorter workouts, or less frequent workouts by lifting heavier!

One of my coaches, Pavel Tsatsouline, founder of the RKC movement, is one of the strongest people I know, but doesn’t necessarily look the part. His father, in his 70’s, recently also entered a Powerlifting competition where he pulled a 380lb dealift, weighing himself 181lb, with no straps or belt! That’s amazing on so many levels because it shows you that proper technique is engrained in muscle memory (like the proverbial bicycle riding skill) and strength training contributes to longevity and better health as we age, and you can still humble younger folk who do not have the patience to practice their lifts and end up plateauing too soon.

I am not asking you to become a powerlifter. I want to show you that you are better off developing strength as a goal to your training, by promoting better movement patterns, increasing flexibility and enjoying your life by exercising safety all at once. Rarely do people get hurt in training. It usually happens by being unfocused performing any mundane activity. By injury-proofing your workouts through safety, good form and heavy lifting, you’ll never throw your back out by picking up a pen from the floor 🙂

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