FAST Pillar #2: Agility


Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily. Athletes such as basketball players, tennis players, martial artists, surfers, soccer players (among many others) possess the quickness to perform their tasks, fluidly shifting their bodies in one direction then another.

There are many tools available to the training world for drills designed to develop SAQ drills (speed, agility, quickness), where you develop not only mobility and power quickly, but also hand-eye coordination.
Everybody benefits from agility drills because they tend to incorporate (if designed properly) all the muscles you’ve been training because it puts them to use for their intended purpose. Not only that, agility drills program your muscle memory and require your complete focus on the task at hand, dialed in to what you’re doing instead of doing mindless repetitions of one exercise.

Boxing drills with focus mitts, medicine ball wall bounces or partner drills, running drills with sudden change of direction, to name a few, all belong in the Agility “bag” of your “Origin Motion Fitness”.
Personally, I love to have fun with such drills and even more so, love to participate in activities that require agility because of the fun factor. Play-based activities are great for hormone regulation and general physical development (tied in to hormones anyway). Look at lion or cubs, puppies or kittens. They’re playful and rambunctious, but behind their cute wrestling lie the foundations of their skill development as future awesome predators. I remember in ground grappling practice when my instructor wanted us to just “play” and move from drill to drill. An hour later, we’d be tired but never felt like we worked! How about when you go shoot some hoops for fun with your buddies, or toss the old pigskin? Pretty good workout, yet your approach to it isn’t about work.

Agility develops reflexes, visual acuity, sharpness of the mind. It allows you to make quick, efficient decision in a split second and can prevent an injury, avoid a car crash, allow you to fall and minimize impact, or throw the punch that wins the fight!

For more info, check out Origin Motion Fitness.
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