Fatten your wallet by getting a trainer!

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The exact opposite is also true: don’t get a trainer, and lose money and get fatter!
I want to simply show you how by hiring the services and expertise of a qualified personal trainer, you will put green back into your life (or greenback. I amaze myself at my unintended puns sometimes…)

According to the bureau of Labor Statistics, the average american spends 1% of his income on prescription drugs.The national median household income is roughly $46,000, so about $460 is spent per year on drugs. That’s assuming everyone takes Rx drugs. 50% of the US population takes at least one Rx drug. From cholesterol, heart disease, anti-depressants to diabetes and OTC drugs for other sorts of issues like back pain, heartburn etc. So, to be conservative, we can infer that if 50% of the population takes Rx drugs, they spend $920 a year on them.
Those who are unfortunate and take the gamut of drugs because of hypertension, cholesterol and type II diabetes run a much higher number which could be diminished, even altogether alleviated if they were on a training and nutrition program.

As the Metabolic Syndrome candidate (the “unfortunate” from the previous paragraph) ages, laziness and lack of accountability (yes, I don’t buy the poor condition they’re in as an excuse to not get healthy) make their condition even worse. I was at a public library with my toddler son recently and saw a morbidly obese woman pull out a bag full of Rx drugs. This didn’t happen overnight. Lady, you saw it coming. Now, we all have to pay for it. How much of this is coming out of your pockets to fund her drug habit?

Many people are intimidated by the gym. So they never go back. My female clients now are confident enough to walk into a free weights room where the big boys hang, whether they train with me or not. Most women fear that room and walk away. Then they try a class, and some stick, some don’t. Usually they stop because they don’t see results, or the class is too hard and you can’t really learn anything or work at your speed or level.
If you don’t know what to do or how to do it, do not think that picking up a fitness magazine or following instructions on a machine will get you to do it correctly. Who will check your form? If the weight you use isn’t challenging “enough”, you won’t get results. If you use a light weight out of fear of injury, you won’t get results. Then you’ll quit. Exit gym, enter Metabolic Syndrome. But, you’re still locked into your gym’s contract.
Or, you stick with it, get hurt and are set back. Money spent on doctors. Money spent on unused membership. Weight gain. Enter Jenny.
Average gym membership is $50/month.

Short term fixes, no permanent solution. Do you seriously think Jenny Craig is going to help you stay thin? Of course not. She’d be out of business. All these plans sell you food that can outlast the roaches after a nuclear holocaust, stuff you wouldn’t dare feeding your dog or your child. So why would you put that inside of you? Fillers, preservatives, chemicals, ingredients you can’t pronounce necessitating a Ph.D in chemistry to decipher. I like to know that if I buy peanut butter, the only ingredient is peanuts.
So, more money wasted, yo-yo weight fluctuation.Cost: about $650/month per person. You can grocery shop and cook and feed a few people on that.

Jenny Craig: $7800/year (what, you thought you could do it for a month only?)
Gym membership: $600/year.
Rx Drugs: $920/year.
OTC drugs: $180/year.
Total: $9500/year.
I am not calculating the cost of being unhealthy, how we’re taxed for the sick people without healthcare who go to the emergency for a cold. Nor am I calculating clothes to buy, which if you hit plus sizes are either ugly or very expensive. I am not including abstract factors like quality of life either, though IMHO it should be at the top of the list, but how do you quantify feeling like crap, having no energy to be with your kids, shortening your life expectancy, aging faster?
What about the cost of doctor visits if you get hurt not knowing what you’re doing?
That’s gotta be worth well over $15,000 right here (for the total, I mean, not just doctor visits). With deductibles, added hidden charges, I know those medical bills really add up.

So, if you were to just invest in 3-4 months of sessions with a personal trainer, you can lose weight, probably get off some of the Rx drugs. You miss less work, which can result in promotions due to better performance, and let’s face it, feeling more confident and looking healthier is always better than the opposite, and any way you slice it, people pay attention to it. If you’re overweight and going for a job interview, the interviewer cannot discriminate. But how would you know? The potential employer is looking at how much the overweight person will cost them in missed sick days, medical benefits etc. There is a reason also why those sharks from pharmaceutical companies send out their arguably, societally-defined “attractive” people to doctor’s offices. When Homer Simpson grew his hair back and lost some weight, he was promoted.
Not superficial. True.

Even if you stick with your trainer for the whole year, by entering a longer term agreement, you either save money in the process by reducing other costs by improving your health or at least break even. And breaking even if your health is better actually puts you on the up-side.

If you’re a current client, or a prospective client and are reading this, lock in your rate with me right now. Prices are going up in 2012. I invested several thousands of dollars this year alone to be a better coach to you. So technically, it’s not my prices that are going higher, it’s your coach who’s getting better. I am not afraid of saying it. Because you’ll get that much fitter and better too!

Don’t know what to ask for Christmas or Hanukkah? Now you do. You have 2 weeks to lock in your rate!

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