Fitness Tip For New Dads

Fitness Tips For New Dads - CoverYou’re a new dad, and like the Matrix, you can’t be told what it will be like, you have to experience it for yourself. I used to dispense all kinds of time management advice to my clients and giving them a hard time when they wouldn’t follow it. I’d suggest lofty things like “try and get together with a friend this week, just to have some “you” time. A lot harder to do when you’re on the “assignee” side of the task, I found out when I became a dad myself!
This book will provide you the most important and effective tips to survive fatherhood in its early stages, while staying or getting in shape, as your world and priorities either just changed, or will change forever. And since fitness is a holistic approach that revolves around nutrition, training, intensity of training, as well as rest/recovery, the book addresses a realistic approach to fitness with the realization that you can’t go on galavanting like a single guy anymore, and that what you will gain in the long term is precious: your health and fitness not just for vanity and performance, but for the sake of your family and leading by example!

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