Five Rings

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The Winter Olympics are soon to start, and I am only using that as a clever misdirection to get your attention and allow you to find ways to enjoy your life from any vantage point!

Miyamoto Musashi, arguably the greatest Samurai of all time, expert at using 2 katanas (Japanese swords) at once, wrote in his masterpiece The Book of Five Rings (Bushido–The Way of the Warrior)
about 9 principles to follow, which happen to lead to a fully enlightened life.

I’ve learned these principles in Ninjutsu, and have been applying them my whole life. There are many translations, with varying wording, but they essentially mean the same thing. Here they are, slightly out of order (but that’s not what’s important here). You can click on the image also to get the book. Any manager, any martial artist, any businessman or simply anyone can read this series of strategies and essays and enjoy them!

1. Do not think dishonestly.
2. The way is in training.
3. Know the ways of all professions.
4. Become acquainted with every art.
5. Distinguish between gains and losses in worldly matters.
6. Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything.
7. Pay attention to trifles.
8. Perceive what cannot be seen.
9. Do nothing which is of no use.

I have these committed to memory. These suggestions come from observation and cover just about any aspect of life. Even if you think it doesn’t, it does. Just look deeper, or harder. The gap may be an inch wide, but it goes a mile deep!

Other fun book like that, though very powerful, that I suggest as a shelf mate is Sun-Tzu’s THE ART OF WAR

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