Grunge training

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20 years ago, a new style of music characterized by loud raucous guitar sounds and lazy vocal delivery (according to my computer’s dictionary widget) was born, shelving glam rock and hard rock almost overnight to a dusty cheesy corner.

During the past almost two decades that I’ve been in this country, I’ve seen and even myself explored many training facilities, features, equipment etc, and am realizing that I turned out a to be a creature of that “grunge” era. I don’t need any fancy equipment, shiny machines with multiplanar angles and cables, calorie counting treadmills and alleged performance enhancing compression athletic wear. All I want is a bunch of heavy weights (barbells, kettlebells), some rudimentary tools (sandbag, rope, wooden stick) and a simple plan (no lazy delivery here, though).

The simple plan is pick stuff up, put it back down. Push it or pull it. Be efficient, and do it as many times as possible in a short amount of time, but without killing yourself. Stay fresh at every set, don’t worry about the reps. That’s one plan, one way, and it works. Try it. And turn up the volume on your XM radio to Octane or Lithium.

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