Living like the Hadza

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I just finished reading a killer article in National Geographic about the Hadza tribe of Tanzania.

They are probably the last surviving tribe on the African continent that still truly live like hunter gatherers. A truly present tense existence without the hassles of economy, taxes, job cuts or everything that ails modern society. They live remarkably worry-free and follow their likes. They spend a few hours a day (4-6) looking for food or water, nap whenever they feel like. They have the greatest food storage at their disposal (the Land), either at the nearest berry bush, baobab tree (bears a tasty fruit), wild bee-hive or a few poisoned arrows and a stalk & hunt away from baboon or giraffe meat.
I’m not saying I want to live in their conditions. But, I am envious of their peaceful existence, for however longer they can sustain it, with the encroaching civilization. These people are fit, healthy, resourceful, eat what the Land offers (really, how we’re meant to eat. Farming introduced many diseases and ailments into our society).
I guess I’ll stick to my eating habits, which I try to have resemble theirs, but for the occasional processed carb (beer, candy bar…) and try stalking and catching waves with my quiver of boards…

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