Love For Training: Episode 19: Interview with Philippe Til – Podcast

Meet entrepreneur, trainer, author, translator Philippe Til as he shares his outstanding life insights with the Love4Training team! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


We are joined by Los Angeles Fitness Trainer and Physical Culture Historian Philippe Til who just translated the original work of George Hebert out of the French language into an English version entitled, “The Natural Method.”

Hebert was one of the most significant physical education and fitness influences of the early 1900s. The influence of Hebert is found throughout many other countries and systems including the US Military, the historic LaSierra High PE Program of the early 1960s which was America’s Gold Standard PE Program. Through the help of Philippe Til and others who appreciate and use Hebert’s French system of movement and development, the world is once again experiencing the benefits of Hebert’s work. If you want to learn how to take care of yourself, your family, and your country-give this show and Hebert a listen-the work and life lessons still apply. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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