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from Greek meta ‘with, across, after.’

1980s: from meta- in the sense ‘beyond.’
combining form
prefix: meta-; prefix: met-
1. denoting a change of position or condition.
2. denoting something of a higher or second-order kind.

Welcome to the 21st century’s updated and expanded material based on the works of Georges Hébert’s material on The Natural Method™.

With the growing interest gathered internationally by the translation of Hébert’s Practical Guide to Physical Education into English from its native French, the Meta Training System site serves as not only a source with modernized content and education found across multiple training systems, but also a place where fitness professionals, as well as enthusiasts, get to contribute, over time, additional research and experience.

WITH the source material as a guide, ACROSS methods, platforms & approaches, AFTER rigorous field practice, we hope to deliver unified information in fitness training, keeping things simple and free from politics or attachment to a single style, device, individual or methodology.

The content of this site will be updated with blogs, free of charge of course, as well as additional releases of information that will be available automatically to our members, or through reasonably priced purchases for visitors.
Meta Training Systems members will receive additional benefits, such as discounts on other products and the ability to affiliate, or even post their own material, after a peer review panel approves the content.

Having no way as a way, no limitation as limitation” – Bruce Lee