Missing in Action

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Hello, my fellow Actionauts.

I may have been missing at Action (Fitness, the facility) but not so much in action.

Fatherhood has been trying, rewarding and exhausting. I didn’t become apparent until I became a parent (notice the clever choice of words here?) and I had to be clever about NOT putting my foot in my mouth and actually practice what I preach when I used to talk about time management to super-busy clients who would skip their fitness priorities.

So, I am able to squeeze intelligent, total-body training sessions in short amounts of time. I may have lost a few pounds in the process of lack of sleep, but knowing the importance of balancing physical activity, sleep (for hormonal balance), nutrition and environmental factors, I was able to lessen the effects of the demands of parenthood (mostly the sleep deprivation).

In terms of time management, I not only carry a full load of clients, take classes to upgrade my knowledge but also make sure to dedicate a certain amount of time for training. My goals may have been more for maintenance, but also these days, I am learning about modalities to not only pack on mass, shed pounds with less effort and breaking personal records at every workout. The fitness protocols I have learned in Wildfitness and RKC are yielding phenomenal results amongst my clients. Clients move up to a few thousand pounds more per workout effortlessly.
Those looking to shed fat, shed it, looking to pack mass pack it on, those looking to move without pain now move without pain! Simple solutions through smart work requiring dedication!

I’ll be posting some testimonials soon of new clients and their rapid progress! If you haven’t gotten on the Philippe Train yet, come aboard! (Another clever pun)

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