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Not to jump on the gravy train of self-publishing or authorship, rather continuing the development of something I truly enjoy, which is content writing and authoring.

I resisted the urge of writing “original’ content since nothing in personal training, or fitness, is truly novel. Perceptions and points of view on how to train, where to train, the various modalities one can train in (strength development, muscle gain, flexibility training etc.) seem to constantly be rediscovered by new waves of fitness trainers who seem to have discovered the Holy Grail of concepts.

We often forget, especially those of us trainers/coaches/fit pros who have been around for over a decade, that the average career-span of a personal trainer is 18-36 months, with a fluctuating income that ends up being the deciding factor for seeking a different line of work.

But those of us who stay true to our calling seek not just more knowledge, but more ways to expand our profession into a career vs a job. Some open facilities, boutique studios. Others grow within the ranks of education and management with recognized and relevant fitness organizations. In the end, it’s not that we are dissatisfied with our clients, quite the contrary. I believe that just one-on-one or group training becomes the limiting factor in our professional growth and we eventually seek a path that goes beyond and allows us to reach more people.

I am not the savviest or most disciplined when it comes to social media outlets like Instagram or Twitter, where people built empires of followers. I do enjoy writing, and what I write is genuine. I still continue my work in the trenches, with clients, because it authenticates and validates my writing (as opposed to some who write things never having trained a person, or not having trained someone for years, with obsolete information, or a faded point of view/concept of what works).

With that in mind, I have a few books in mind, one of which I will release before the 3rd installment in Hébert’s Natural Method trilogy. I ran it by a few other fit pros, but will invite you, dear Actionauts, to chime in on the topics to see if you are interested, fit pro or fitness enthusiasts.

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