Movement of Tree by Julie Angel

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With so many videos of amazing movement, Parkour, bar calisthenics or other skillful, superhero-like content our social media channels feed us, it is hard to distinguish a certain voice or message behind them, beyond the pure visual awe.

With so much more than just aesthetically beautiful cinematography, a playful score and a lively and engaging cast of Traceurs, Julie Angel delivers in 3 minutes a deep, meaningful short film that captures a variety of topics into one. Indeed, the cast is all female, but that doesn’t matter. Or does it? I think it does personally: inspiration, motivation, example, equality, superiority (not ego or glory driven, only by the sheer quality and dedication the women in the video display, superior to my own movement skills).

Julie also combines, from what I gather, not from asking her, a perfect blend of spontaneity based on years of movement practice, play, climbing, jumping, vaulting and many of what Georges Hébert has been promoting in his Natural Method, but also agile, perfectly timed choreography. I couldn’t tell if it was just extremely athletic women just “jamming” with movement like jazz musicians would after years of “knowing the terrain”, or if it was an intentional choreography, like a carefully crafted battle scene in a high production movie.

Watch and enjoy, and pay attention to the less scripted elements in the last part of the video. I’m curious if you’ll share my opinion 🙂

Movement of Tree from See&Do on Vimeo.


Julie also recently released her book Breaking The Jump, which I will cover soon. But if you’ve been following this blog and my books, you will really want to pick up her book!

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