My Upcoming Spinal Fusion

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Or disc replacement, depending on what the insurance authorizes.

Adam Sandler once said (I paraphrase): “I’m not the smartest, I’m not the funniest, I’m not the best looking entertainer, but I’m a millionaire”. He’s a great generalist.

I’m no millionaire. I’m rich in content and knowledge, but still embryonic compared to the vast level of knowledge there is to gather out there.

People fear the unknown and to many still, the Natural Method is that: unknown.

So, let me tell you a few things. You can’t run away from yourself, or the damage you’ve caused, choices you made. Eventually, you own up to them. In my case, I have had some injuries (car accidents, bad landings on my neck from flips, neck cranks in martial arts, or a 180lb guy landing on my neck, when I was a 13 year-old beanpole wading in a pool -intentional strike to hurt me-). It’s why I became a trainer and my niche has been post-secondary rehabilitation.

Through all the education I received, I’ve made myself stronger, more mobile, more free to move, with more skills and I’ve done some cool things. I’ve never been operated on other than my eyes (laser) and wisdom teeth. Hernias, inguinal or disc, have been around, but I can’t eventually run away from them. My ability to move and my strength have been reducing any symptoms that would cripple someone of lesser conditioning. I had an MRI recently, going for a CT scan and potential either 3-level disc replacement (best, Bentley of procedures) or partial or complete fusion of 3 discs. The point is: my doctor looks at the paper, and looks at what I can do, and the 2 don’t match.

I can go electively now, or I can go in 10 years. Things may get worse or stay the same. But at this point, they won’t get better. Numbness, tingling, stiffness, spasms. Those are all here, and peak at times, disappear at others. But the erosion, compression, loss of transfer of information still are there. You may have a real age that’s lower than your years on the planet (according to, I’m 31, but I am in reality 41). The mileage has nothing to do with how it looks or performs on a classic car.

You don’t have to be a dumb trainer to get injured. Maybe you were injured and became a trainer. There is a stigma with injured trainers. OK, so, if you are a spec ops guy, saw some heavy combat, came home wounded but lived, are you any less capable? I’m no spec ops, but I do make things better, I learned how to overcome bad things physically.

The Natural Method approach has made it fun for me to go and climb ropes, posts, beams, play on parallel bars, high bars etc. Joy, fun and skill. No setbacks from my injuries.

To all who fear the unknown, their injuries, or comparing themselves to a super athlete, fear not: you too can learn things that apply to your level, your skill and make things better. You too can build an “exoskeleton” of skill that can support your actual skeletal structure.

Strength, smart movement. Figuring out how much strength you need vs what is seemingly pushed on you in the fitness community, being the best YOU is what it’s about.

My expected recovery would be quick based on my abilities currently. Prehab!

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