My VOW to You!

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That’s Video Of the Week, yes, but also a promise I am making to you all. So it’s more that a V.O.W., it’s a vow, a call to action!

Please just watch this short video 🙂

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Here is a testimonial from a client, Sabrina Lee, about her recent progress… Sabrina is working her way to 100 snatches with a 16kg/35lb kettlebell, started training almost exclusively with kettlebells in July 2009, and went from a recent baseline of 44 snatches in 5 minutes to 93 snatches in about a month or so. Sabrina is also a petite woman who is on track with her goals and has a healthy body image. Here she is, in her own words:

Thank you for helping me all these years. What am I talking about? You are still helping me. You have become much more than a trainer; you have become a coach as well.
Here are my thoughts on my kettlebell training so far. I have never anticipated a single instrument like a kettlebell can offer so much. I have recently gained 10 pounds of muscle, and yes, I look slightly bigger but not bulky. I look much more solid, but I feel more flexible. This feeling is coming from inside. I feel I can move every which way. I have to thank the windmill for that. Kettelbell training is very efficient. I was used to working with different machines for different body parts. Kettlebell changed all that. I just need one instrument and I can have a total body workout. I am currently working with a 16kg and my goal is to do 100 reps. I thought doing with a 12kg would be enough of a milestone for me…but no… I am going for the 16kg and the thought of moving 3500 pounds in five minutes has never entered my mind when I was only doing leg press, bench press, and squats. I look forward to the day when I can attend the RKC certification.

Oh, I am wondering whether my metabolism is up. I feel the food I eat is burnt or absorbed right away as soon I put into my system.

And here’s one from Steve Bott, another client who’s been with me a while and took a recent hiatus, but attended 2 all-day kettlebell workshops and had a recent refresher with me and looked really solid, proving that the knowledge instilled was fully “absorbed” by his body!

In the past 3 year that Philippe has been my coach, I have seen my
fitness level rise beyond my expectations. Philippe incorporates the
Wild Fitness approach, RKC (Russian Kettlebell) techniques, and
Martial Arts into his coaching, and his knowledge in these areas (and
ability to teach them well) has strengthened my body, increased my
flexibility, and enhanced my coordination. In Philippe’s all-day
workshops, I’ve had the opportunity to refine many of the skills I’ve
learned from him, and I was surprised at how well my body responded; I
was able to sustain a difficult workout over an extended period of
time! I can trust Philippe not only to provide a challenging (and
often enlightening) workout, but also an overall experience that
constantly evolves as his knowledge grows.

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