Old School Fitness is the new “new”

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Group training of old, whether it’s Georges Hébert’s Natural Method or LeProtti’s La Sierra High School’s eerily similar programs, all came together because of needs and causes greater than ourselves. It’s not about chronology or who was first, rather sharing a vision while fulfilling a need for the Noble Purpose.

I haven’t visited China and wonder if they have such programs still in place, and I welcome any education or comments on the subject. I just have a visual in my head of large groups of individuals performing martial arts in unison. I know other countries have a profound respect for their wellness.

I recently released the second installment in Hébert’s trilogy on Fundamental Exercises, and was fortunate to watch a teaser for an upcoming documentary I will be heavily promoting once it gets near being released on La Sierra High School’s PE program. Watching the athletic and very functional bodies of the students, the development of their student-teaching approach, mostly in outdoor conditions as in Hébert’s process of air baths and resiliency really shows the importance of developing all-around athleticism first. As a Southern California resident, I feel bad for not training outside enough (especially since in West Los Angeles, parks are not restricted in their use like in Santa Monica. For readers who do not live in Los Angeles, Santa Monica personal trainers are required to pay hefty permit fees and licenses to use public parks. One of my police officer friends in Santa Monica even told me he finds the law unconstitutional, so he doesn’t enforce it).

Whether you seek weight loss, muscle gain, strength development, Hébert’s process will get you there. Focus on moving well, moving more, eating accordingly but without hyperfocusing on counting every calorie, rather balancing vegetables, carbs, fat, non-processed foods etc. Any personal trainer will get you moving, but not just any personal trainer will get you results. I am proud to say that all of my peers, be they in Southern California or in other states, follow rules of planned flexibility: we operate with a plan of action, a road map to fitness, but we take scenic detours which still get us to our goals.

Enough rambling, get the second book HERE. And if you don’t have the first one, get it HERE TOO. 

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