On Running and Walking

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Captain Obvious here reminding us of a few things, basics only. Not talking about Marathon training or sprinting at a Track & Field meet. General Population needs, rather.

There’s running and there’s walking.

Running is faster than walking.

Walking is the most efficient method for bipedal locomotion, the one you can do the longest with minimal exertion.

Running can be done at different speeds.

You can jog, or you can sprint.

If you run for distance and time and you are gassed at the end, you ran too fast to sustain the determined distance or length of time.

When you sprint, you train for speed (velocity), in an all-out effort, and you don’t really breathe much during, therefore you can’t sprint for a long time or a long distance, and you need a lot of time to recover.

Cheetahs run fastest and shortest distances. Catch a prey quickly, and they live. Antelopes run slower but can run longer; if they stay ahead long enough or zig zag well, they live. Elephants walk for very, very long distances.

Manage your effort accordingly.

Just trying to say: look at your walking/jogging/sprinting differently, from a fatigue management standpoint rather than what fitness level you are looking to achieve. Own each category, then decide the course of action for the more specific goal (i.e. marathon…)

Captain Obvious, signing off, providing a sneak peak into Book 3 of The Natural Method (all-around athleticism in all categories, no micro goal).

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