Helping you find the right “fit”.

What does it mean to get an individualized program? Personal trainers always promise you the personalization of your session, but how do you ensure that your training is truly tailored to your needs and not just a rehashed program from a fitness magazine, for example?
At Action Fitness, every program begins with a Functional Movement Systems (FMS™) screening, to help uncover any limitations, weaknesses and imbalances. Additionally, body measurements and other metrics are taken so as to establish your complete baseline. The resulting choice of exercises and their variables (reps, sets, loads) are effectively and efficiently geared both towards achieving your personal goal and improving your baseline. Movement and muscles are not wasted, rather optimally configured with all the necessary and available fitness tools at our disposal. You get exactly what you need.
The precision of each program remains flexible as your body evolves and your fitness improves, modifying individual variables to keep your progress from reaching a plateau, avoiding overtraining, staleness and distress.

It takes an average of 3 weeks to establish a habit, 3 months to maintain that habit (hence the popularity of many fitness programs), yet only 3 days to break that habit.
New clients are encouraged to commit to a minimum of 24 sessions over a 2-3 month period, at a frequency of twice to three times a week to engrain the correct movement patterns. While many clients continue for optimal performance, you can choose from the variety of services offered to guarantee you stay on track! Continue with your private one-on-one training, check in for a weekly/monthly tune-up, attend a workshop, train remotely/online. Together we will find your correct “fit”!

What we offer

One-on-One Personal Training

SERVICES ONE ON ONEIndividually tailored, micro-, meso- and macro-designed, goal and results oriented programs (weight loss, muscle gain, event preparation etc.)
Minimum commitment required for new clients, customizable options for ongoing/returning clients.

Location: usually gym or park when available. House calls for additional travel fee.


Action Fitness Clients - SERVICES- COACHINGRemote, online, video-chat or email-based accountability coaching.

Topics and clients vary from program design and fitness progress, business development for trainers (dispensing proper instruction, sales and marketing techniques, educational focus etc.)


Workshops / Seminars

Action Fitness Clients - SERVICES- WORKSHOPS:SEMINARSTheme specific special engagements (certification preparation, hands-on in-depth device/methodology/skill specific user courses, lectures/presentations etc.)

These events will be usually promoted on social media or via newsletter. Requests welcome.

*Service may be rendered by an instructor other than Philippe Til.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Implementation of fitness in the workplace

Topics include but are not limited to:Action Fitness Clients - Corporate Services

  • ergonomics of job duties
  • overcoming work-related overuse patterns
  • implementation of fitness within/outside business hours
  • productivity incentives and insurance premium reduction (the latter for employers)

Office visits scheduled on a regular basis (weekly or monthly).

*Service may be rendered by an instructor other than Philippe Til.

Set Training

Action Fitness - SERVICES- SET TRAININGFilm / Television / Commercial Production consulting services include but not limited to: program design, on-camera choreography, off-camera preparation and training, pre-production planning, production execution, post-production technique/form review.

Location travel available.

Our Rates

– Rates are available after completion of pre-qualification phone interview for serious inquiries only. If pre-qualified, prospective client will schedule a meet & greet consultation session. Session fee can be applied to any training package of client’s choice.

– Fair market value sliding scale pricing based on frequency of training and duration of training (in weeks/months).

*Services may be rendered by an instructor other than Philippe Til.