Physical Education for women: sneak peek at 3 chapters (content outline).

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A quick sneak peek of what’s going to be covered in Hébert’s book on physical education for women.

CHAPTER I. Health, beauty and strength are the outcome of integral physical development.

  1. What every woman should desire/aspire to.
  2. Health, beauty and strength are synonymous with physical perfecting.
  3. How to achieve integral physical development. Natural and functional moves or exercises.
  4. Integral physical development for women is achieved the same way as for men.
  5. Civilized life is an obstacle to integral physical development.
  6. Severe consequences of the total lack of exercise or of incomplete physical activity in women’s health.
  7. Severe consequences of the total lack of exercise or of incomplete physical activity in women’s beauty.
  8. Physical strength. Its constituting elements. Resilience, first element of strength. Resilience of women in relation to men. Strength and its relation to health and beauty.
  9. Necessity of methodical training to achieve integral physical development. Principle of the Natural Method.

CHAPTER II. Beauty and Ugliness.

  1. Various and contradictory opinions concerning beauty and ugliness.
  2. The abandonment of physical culture is the main cause of the contradicting opinions on beauty.
  3. Perfect beauty cannot exist without physical culture.
  4. Current judgments amongst women.
  5. Current judgments amongst men regarding women’s beauty.
  6. Antiquity at a glance. Muscular development identity in men and women.
  7. Judgments or misconceptions concerning rural women, women of sports, dancers, circus professionals, wild or primitive women.
  8. Beauty of the body in motion. Grace.
  9. Necessity for esthetic knowledge.

CHAPTER III. Proportions and shapes. Beauty of proportions.

  1. Two main elements leading to beauty.
  2. Modification of shapes and proportions.
  3. Harmonious proportions and dysfunctional proportions.
  4. Characteristics of regular proportions.

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