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Philippe’s credentials include being a NASM instructor, StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, primitive movement patterns and Pose Method of running through WildFitness in the UK. He is also Indian Club certified under Dr. Ed Thomas and Brett Jones, FMS Certified, and a two-time black belt holder in the martial arts Ninjustsu & Shotokan. LISTEN TO PODCAST

Active sitting: What it can (and can’t) do for you

As studies emerge classifying sitting for extended periods as bad to our health, wobbly stools and exercise balls are replacing office chairs, pedal sets are being installed under desks and everyone’s talking about how to stay physically active while seated at their desk.
But what can we expect from active sitting? L.A.-based trainer and martial arts expert Philippe Til weighs in on the facts and fables.
Fact: Effective posture is the basis for active sitting, so if we start off slumped, we might not get anything out of it at all. CONTINUE READING

Fitness On Fire: The Natural Method | Philippe Til

Fitness On Fire: Seven Arm Placements with Philippe Til

Sowetan Live

Get started in foam rolling with LA fitness expert Philippe Til

Foam rolling is becoming the go-to method for warming up the muscles before a workout and upon recovery. If you’ve heard all the fuss about foam rolling and aren’t sure what it’s about, we’ve gotten the lowdown from LA trainer Philippe Til, founder of Action Fitness, whose client list includes not only Olympic and professional athletes but also diplomatic security agents and Navy SEALs. CONTINUE READING

Engineered to Perform

See the pro baseball players Philippe has trained on the set for New Era: kettlebells, battle rope, chain push-ups, SmartFlex, box jumps etc.

Trendwatch: Joint-friendly fitness

From antigravity treadmills to aerial yoga, fitness has left the ground in recent years in a departure from traditional activities that could damage joints and muscles. Although we love those aerial thrills, fitness experts are beginning to think on their feet as joint-friendly fitness evolves.

Fitness experts are continuing to develop equipment and activities to promote joint health and limit resistance to the user’s own body weight in the interest of increasing range of motion to work hard-to-engage muscles.

SmartFlex is one such tool, a four-foot-long resistance bar with spring-loaded activation ends with the objective of restoring alignment, correcting imbalances and improving posture. CONTINUE READING

Mobility training: Fitness looks to the future by going back to basics

Recent research exploring the still-unanswered question as to why some runners get injured and others don’t is shedding new light on a growing fitness trend centered on evolutionary biology called mobility training.

This focus on natural fitness questions conventional, isolated conditioning, or what Colin Holding, CEO of Wild Fitness in Kenya, calls “cosmetic fitness.”

Programs like Wild Fitness aim to create a properly aligned, balanced body to maximize athletic performance and reduce chances for injury using primal man as evidence of how the body should function. CONTINUE READING

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Roll With It: The Foam Roller Workout

How many times have you walked out of an intense workout (like CrossFit) wishing there was a way to relieve the tension in your legs and shoulders? Although there’s some truth to the old adage, “No pain no gain,” you don’t necessarily have to suffer to reach your fitness goals. CONTINUE READING

3 Must-Have Moves For Strapless Dress Season!

Summer is all about showing skin but are you ready to flaunt your figure in a strapless dress? If the answer isn’t quite yes, you’re in luck! Scoring a sexy back, décolletage and shoulders doesn’t necessarily have to mean logging long hours at the gym. Instead, try this no-equipment upper body workout from Philippe Til, a personal trainer and kettlebell expert based in West Los Angeles. CONTINUE READING

The Smart Flex – Innovative Training Tool – Interview with Philippe Til the Inventor and Founder

Philippe at PrimalCon

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