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It is relevant to perform drills that are relevant to your movements.

It is relevant to have carryover from your workout to your life.
Why compartmentalize? Integrate. Share. Explore.
Allow yourself fun days for variety, but stick to the plan on everything else.
Variety is when you try that new move you saw in a magazine. It will not reshape your thighs in a matter of weeks by itself. Everything else you do will.
Side lunges have no magic movement that a regular lunge won’t do. You have to stabilize your body either way with the same muscles (you just may stretch some more than others). Side lunges can help in sports. But if you only workout to look good, keep those for variety days.
Stay focused, stay the course.
Lateral raises? When do you ever do them in real life? They’re not going to reshape your delts. Stick to good old overhead presses and focus on packing your shoulder and stacking your lats. You’ll work more muscles, stay safe and improve your posture.
Stay engaged, stay on track. Walk the (straight) line. Broken arrows don’t hit the target.

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