Spidey does it too

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I recruited Fletcher’s buddy Spider-man, in his favorite duds as “black Siderman” (not a typo, he tends to not pronounce any consonant that follows “S”) to pose for me the seven baseline hand positions that revolve around the use of the body’s upper limb articulations. The reset always goes back to the Upright Posture/Upright Stance (arms at your side). Then leg drills are added, from deep-knee bends to single-leg balance, forward and backwards “slits” (calling them slits not splits to avoid confusion with what everyone envisions being the splits, what Jean-Claude Van Damme is most famous for, as ballet dancers and gymnasts).

Photos from Oct 6, 2014 Photos from Oct 6, 2014-2 FS OAU, OAD FS BAU DKB AO 1 leg balance



















These moves are mentioned into Book #1/Part 1 of the The Natural Method trilogy, without much detail given to them in terms of execution, rather order in which to perform them in a training session. Like any good story, you need a solid set-up, a solid foundation and Part 1 is the exposé of the method, the understanding of the structure and its History. Book #2 will have the detailed exploration and explanation of everything, from a technique and benefit standpoint. I am just offering a very early sneak peek into the January release of the second book with a fun, pictures focused blog entry (some of which I posted on Instagram, so make sure to follow me @philippetil as I will be posting additional pictures over the next few months as “companions” to the books, pictures that simply may not make it to the book, or to show you how they relate to the Method.

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