Superman has it right!

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Superman is born under a red sun, yet under ours, his superpowers manifest.

The Sun provides a luteinizing hormone, a precursor to testosterone. I already spoke about it in a previous entry on how to boost your “T”.

Testosterone levels peak in the morning before 9AM, spike again around lunchtime, then go back down.

Knowing that, I went for a run yesterday morning. Not because it was January 1st, not because I want to look more cut (cardio’s not the way to go, and if you don’t know it by now, shame on you). I ran because I am gearing up for a race and I need the body to see what it’s like to run moderate distances in various terrain. I also chose the time because I knew I’d get the most amount of natural light, and my body would act as a solar panel and absorb that luteinizing hormone which in turn would help me manage fatigue, burn fat and boost energy. I ran for about 7 miles, uphill, across construction zones, dirt paths, in unusually hot January weather. I did it shirtless. No cardio fatigue (I don’t run, btw, I swing or snatch as part of my “normal routine”), just some muscular fatigue actually (uphill, uneven floor made my legs work, plus they’re used to short bursts so blood was pumping quickly before realizing they were supposed to take it easy).

I felt like a million bucks.

Now, it seems we instinctively all have the answers to how our body is meant to be operated. We never read the manual, really. As infants, toddlers, children, our bodies are near optimal in flexibility, necessary strength, mobility and intelligence (special needs not taken into account, just generalizing here). We are pure instinct, pain avoidance, desire an need driven at once. Then comes knowledge, education and also misinformation and bias. That’s where things go wrong.

My point is the following: we know we need more natural light because we set up the longest breaks for school to be in the Summer. When describing a vacation, we are mostly inclined to choose a sunny place. Even a hardcore snow fanatic prefers a sunny day over a blizzard.

It’s no surprise that there are fewer cases of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in coastal climates, especially the West coast of the US, than the Midwest, because of the amount of sunlight. That’s where we gravitate naturally.

So, go out and enjoy some natural light. You will feel better. Who’s telling what you’ll want to tackle on afterwards.

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