Swimming book available now!

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The standalone chapter on swimming, from Hébert’s Practical Guide to Physical Education, is now available on Amazon in the Kindle store, paperback due out any day also on Amazon.

Click here for your copy!

Like the Self-Defense techniques presented in the Functional Exercises book and standalone book, swimming constitutes a complete session in itself: covers fundamental movements for priming the body, and useful skills (swimming obviously, rescue -including partner rescues, i.e. more than one party for one person in need of assistance, raft crossing of streams or rivers, capsized vessel safety, carrying loads in the water, diving -from land, elevation or underwater diving).

It also contains a wide variety of swimming styles that most of us may have forgotten, but are simple to explore and practice, so that anyone can feel confident in the water without being a freestyle or butterfly stroke expert!

What makes this functional is the accessibility, and what makes it natural is that it explores variations an inexperienced or poor swimmer can still apply individually to become confident in a body of water.

Many drills may appear simple or obvious, especially to most of us who already swim. However, mastery comes from the execution of the basics and until you test yourself, you may not realize how apt you are at handling yourself in a pool, river or ocean.




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