The Natural Method in Boxing terms

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This isn’t a post on how defensive tactics are interwoven into Georges Hébert’s The Natural Method, which they are in the part on functional training, or indispensable utilitarian exercises. Rather it’s to explain the entire method through a boxing analogy that everybody can understand, whether they practice boxing or not.

The first translated book tells you how to conduct a boxing training session. It tells you that what you will do it, lays out the plan, and tells you how boxing came about and what it can do for you.

The second book on Fundamental Exercises is about teaching you how to punch, block, counter etc.

The third book on Functional Exercises is about the various aspects of boxing practice: heavy bag work, shadow boxing, focus mitts.

The fourth part, bundled in the 3rd book in my translation, but separate in Hébert’s Practical Guide to Physical Education, would be akin to actual sparring, whether for practice or actual fighting.

Now, take those analogies and apply them to everything else, and you’ve got the gist of the books.

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