Über Fitness (part 1)

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The world of fitness today is mostly dominated by heavy marketing of quick solutions with beautiful, toned, athletic bodies and the promise to reach that visual aesthetic goal. Usually more promise than actual fitness results.

On the other hand, there is a handful (relatively speaking in terms of percentage) of fitness professionals (personal trainers, sports coaches, small group training, group exercise instructors…) whose passion and integrity is about bringing quality movement to the masses yielding great athletic performance. Historical research is brought to the front through integration into their clients’ sessions, ancient fitness works translation (yours truly with The Natural Method) or sifting through hours and hours of half-century old footage of revolutionary physical education programs which Ron Jones, Shane Hylton and Doug Orchard have teamed up to accomplish. No promise, and most of the time, you achieve the aforementioned marketing promise, topped with some extra skills in your arsenal.

One such example of revolutionary (and by that, I mean remarkably simple, effective, minimum requirement to be a reliable body for the greater good, the Noble Purpose) was Stan LeProtti’s program at La Sierra High School. Watch and enjoy

The disclaimer warns you of the footage depicting teenagers doing amazing $#!† (like how the symbols I used look like letters, btw?). That’s what über* fit is today, that’s what normal was then, or ought to be. Even I have to eat a slice of humble pie (so long as it’s gluten-free, GMO free, organic with pale ingredients and only Stevia sweetened) when I watch this. (*über: denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.)

If there every is a movement to follow in fitness, pun intended, it’s this one. It’s functional movement, it’s the source, and it delivers lasting results.


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