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So, my wife Noëlle and I have been blessed by bragging about the easiest pregnancy. No morning sickness, kid right on track, smooth sailing. We even joked about it Friday night, March 26, at 34 1/2 weeks, before going to bed, with Noëlle’s mother Phyllis and sister Melissa in town for her baby shower (which was Saturday, March 27). I was a small kid, born a little early, so not too big and easy to shoot out. Noëlle was a 9lb cannonball. We even just had the crib, the car seat and some other basics that arrived. Therefore everything we needed for the baby.

Saturday March 27, 5:30AM, Noëlle is having contractions. We were thinking Braxton-Hicks, practice contractions and baby massage. Stuff we covered in our birthing class that she couldn’t attend today because of her baby shower today. I thought it might be the real deal, since this was off-color considering the rest of the pregnancy.

After the shower, the nurse’s line at Kaiser suggested we go get her checked out, to reassure her. Well, things took an unexpected turn…
3cm dilated. No water breakage, but labor. Yikes. That qualifies as a preemie. We wanted natural childbirth, but the doctor suggested we take a drug called tributylene (sp?) to stop the labor for hopefully 2 weeks and brings us to 36-37 weeks. At 34 1/2, they don’t stop labor, but it allows for the baby to not have a bunch of IV’s and tubes stuck in him by coming early. 2 shots of the drug later, the kid wants nothing to do with it and he’s coming out.

So, we went from wanting to keep him in longer to wanting him out quicker! Might as well, right?

I’ll spare you the actual labor details, but will share a couple: the doctor had to break the bag of waters, which splashed so strongly it knocked the mid-wife backwards! But before that, as I was coaching Noëlle through her contractions and she was doing pretty good, the pain became very strong to the point of wanting drugs.
We were offered two choices: epidural or some IV name I forgot. One takes the edge off, is an IV but can leave the kid a bit comatose. I wasn’t gonna have any of that. The epidural, well, she was way fidgety for it. But, the doc checked her dilation before deciding. She was at 5cm when the stronger contraction started, went from 4cm to 5cm in an hour. Then she went from 5cm to 9cm in 30 minutes, right as they were deciding which drug to take (I wanted the one with the least risks for the kid, but was going to respect my wife’s pain and decision, while reminding her of the long term).
Needless to say, at 9cm, the kid is almost out. So, about 15-20 minutes later (felt pretty short), our baby came out. We didn’t get a chance to do the one-hour skin-on-skin contact, as every minute counts for a preemie, so I cut the cord right away too. But at least she did it drug-free!

Our son is in the NICU right now, doing OK considering. He needs some help to breathe, grunting a little bit, and will be connected to a tube that allows him to breathe room air (no respirator), until they need to discharge him. He’s a fighter. He was fighting to get out, feeling whatever was causing the womb to not be safe anymore was not a good place to hang anymore. He’s been kicking throughout the pregnancy too 🙂

Everything was going well, but that means nothing. You can’t expect the perfect plan. Never happens in my life, that’s for sure! But seeing the little guy squirm made me feel better, even if he’s a little early. 18.5 inches (47cm), 5.08lb, (2.5kg).

Please join us in welcoming Fletcher Marek Til (Marek after my Dad).

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  1. Philippe Til

    Thanks, Carmen 🙂
    Looking forward to going to see him today.

  2. cj little

    Congrats to you both! He does look like a fighter – I’m sure he’ll be able to take me down in 5 or 6 years at Fight Club XII. Love the name by the way, Fletcher is very, very cool!

  3. Carmen

    O, that brought tears to my eyes. Congrats to both of you….and mostly for your strength and perspective on all of this.
    You are right, he is a fighter! Just like his dad……

  4. Lauritz

    Words can’t describe how happy I am for you and Noelle. This baby is truly a blessing.

  5. Sabrina

    5 pounds are not bad, decent weight. My dad said when the baby comes out early, that’s an intelligent baby! I am so happy for you. You and Noelle are going to be excellent parents:)

  6. ChrisW.

    Good tidings to you and Noëlle on the
    arrival of your son!

  7. Maud Bissonnet

    Cher Philippe,
    34 semaines et demi c’est pas complet mais déjà bien! Je suis certaine que votre Fletcher Marek aura vite rattrapé son avance sur la vie. Bon courage à vous 3 …. bises et peut être que j’aurais le plaisir de vous voir à Parmain.

  8. Alejandro Barahona

    Congratulations to you and Noëlle, and obviously to Fletcher Marek Til. I am wishing you all the best.


  9. Alison

    I am so massively happy for you. Congratulations. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Jeanne Eschle

    Congratulations to one of my favorite couples. John & Tricia’s flower girl came 6 weeks early and weighed 3#14 oz. 5#’s is a very good weight for being so early and he looks adorable. I will keep you and your adorable baby in my prayers. The best of luck to your family.
    Jeanne Eschle (John’s mom)

    1. Philippe Til

      Thanks, Jeanne. And you raised your boy right! He came, he helped, took Noëlle’s sister back to LAX and didn’t even need his arm twisted by his lovely bride Trish, a.k.a. Supa-T!

  11. Pat Baldeosingh

    Congratulations on the birth of your lovely baby boy,so happy that everything turned out good…Trish sounded so excited when she told us of the news,so happy for Noelle & you….Fletcher looks perfect..God Bless…

  12. Julie Eschle Scheinkoenig

    Congratulations Philippe and Noelle on your new baby boy. Fletcher is absolutely beautiful (like the both of you). God has given you a very precious gift. You will be wonderful parents. Best wishes!

  13. LisaB

    Congrats to you both! He is beautiful and a fighter! You guys did good 🙂 Can’t wait to meet him.

  14. Michael Warren

    Ahhh…now the real work begins. Parenting! Be sure to get an owners manuel and warrenty when you leave the hospital (lol). I wish there really was an owners manuel…but then that would deprive me of the thrill of figuring it all out along the way…just as you Noelle will do, and a darn good job at it I predict.
    Best of luck, and congratulations to the both of you.

  15. Laurence et André

    un nouveau bébé qui ouvre les yeux ….. même en avance on se réjouit surtout que 34 semaines et demi,
    ce n’est pas si loin de 36 semaines, la barre fatidique..
    Alors récupérez car il va très bientôt se réchauffer dans le nid que vous avez créé et là …. les biberons,
    les rôts, les couches et les sourires vont se succéder.
    Félicitations aux parents et tous nos vœux pour Fletcher Marek

  16. Angela Nigh (Eschle)

    Congratulations!!! Adam, Leo, and I are so happy for you. We just found out Friday we are having another boy. Hope Noelle and Fletcher have a fast recovery and are able to go home soon.


  17. Henry

    Noëlle and Philippe, congratulations to the new parents! Remember that tough beginnings make for the most interesting people. With parents like you,little Fletcher has nothing to fear. Best wishes!

  18. Bill Page

    GREAT!!!! Right on schedule. Just not yours, chuckle. Good weight. Good gestation. Early but with that time and weight should do fine. Tell Noel Great job.
    YAHOOOOOOEEEEE!!! I mean well done all three of you.
    Bill /b

  19. Eric Marinho

    My Man! Just like you said… WOW! happy for you Three! Let us know when you are expecting visitors! All the best marinho’s family!

  20. joasia kisielewska

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    Caluje Was
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