You can be manly and still be clean!

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There’s a lot of talk about cavemen workouts, diets and a lot of it can be garbage or pseudo-science geared at selling you stuff with appealing emotional tag lines. That’s OK, don’t feel bad, it only means the marketing and advertising people are doing their job and they are great at it.


I’m not here to tell you about working out. If you are reading this today, you have a good idea of how to work out, or if you don’t work out, have an understanding of training. I’ve done enough promoting of my services or books on Amazon over time. Not everyone works out, wants to, or has time.

Everyone needs to eat, though (and this isn’t a post about nutrition either) and more importantly everyone needs to be clean. No one wants to catch a whiff of your “eau de pits” cologne, dog breath, stinky socks or incense enhanced sweaty scalp aroma. If we want to maintain a minimum of social acceptance, hygiene is important in our civilized society.

So, before anyone knocks me down for being some kind of metrosexual promoting foofoo products and being a pansy about it, answer me this:

  1. Do you brush your teeth?
  2. Do you wash your face?
  3. Do you use deodorant?
  4. Do you put lotion of sorts on your face?
  5. Do you clean your body/do you shower?
  6. (Men) do you shave or if not, do you have a beard? (Come on, now, you’re trendy!

Until recently I wasn’t great at taking care of my face, and I paid the price. Sun damage from surfing, which is like liquid shrapnel on the face, plus long days, short nights, parenting. I show my age, and then some, so I’m only recently on the face care wagon.

If you answered yes to any question, which I hope you did on all items above (where only #4 is a socially acceptable no, this post applies to you. Yeah, it does!

Almost everything sold in drugstores, as well as department stores, is laden with chemicals that cause more harm than good. Parabens, xenosetrogens, toxic chemicals, carcinogens, etc. I even attended events where people were dispensing education on sunscreens that cause the very thing you are trying to shield yourself from: skin cancer, because of some key ingredients. If I were to ever promote a smartphone app, get the EWG guide to sunscreens!

OK, back to the topic at hand: if you answered yes to the above questions, wouldn’t you want to do the very thing you need to do and not put crap on your body or in your body? If given a choice, using a facial soap without damaging your skin or pouring toxic waste into your pores, or not rubbing aluminum into your pits so you stop sweating (a process that’s intended to take place for your own health) and still staying fresh at the pits, or brushing your teeth without additives like sugar (you know, the stuff that causes cavities), wouldn’t you do it?

You’re not adding anything, you’re just switching (physically): from a generic chemically laden product to an organic food based or mineral based product with natural ingredients.

“But that’s too much money!”

OK, so, a $10.99 clinical strength deodorant with aluminum that lasts a couple of weeks versus a $12 natural deodorant, which doesn’t harm you and lasts a month is too much money?

Stick Up


<– Natural deodorant $12









Or a face wash that requires a few drops to clean your entire face costing $26 and in a glass bottle (way healthier than plastic) but lasts a long time, vs some cheap-ass chemical crap for $9.99, on sale for $7.99 if you buy two at your local drugstore is better for you?

Bare Face Wash Primal Life Organics


<– Bare Face Wash $26 









This shaving package below is awesome: I washed my face with the “Bare” face wash, then put a small amount of shaving cream on the face, shaved smoothly then applied some post shave oil. Smelled great, felt smooth and allowed a close shave too!



<–Gruff shave package









Just like fitness and good food, what you don’t spend on now will cost you a lot more in the future. I’m usually against the marketing tactics of fitness where something is promised to you later if you buy the program now, though in this case, it applies both ways: now, because you get clean & fresh today, and later, because your skin thanks you for it, and, it being the largest organ in your body, it doesn’t absorb bad stuff that gets relayed to the rest of your system.

And, by the way, guys: your loved ones will love this for it too!


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